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There is no vast conspiracy to suppress gold price, Fed will back off aggressive rate hikes - Rick Rule - Kitco News, May 24 2022 4:07PM
Gold price still on pace to push above $2,000 as stagflation, recession risks rise - In Gold We Trust - Kitco News, May 24 2022 4:23PM
The S&P 500 is headed lower, which is good for gold - Kitco News, May 24 2022 1:07PM
The coming recession will be mild; the U.S. economy could boom if Republicans win elections - Mark Skousen - Kitco News, May 24 2022 12:59PM
Gold, silver rally as stock markets, bond yields drop - Kitco News, May 24 2022 12:22PM
'One of the highest-grade undeveloped silver deposits in the world' - Blackrock Silver's Tonopah - Kitco News, May 24 2022 12:12PM
Recession is coming, inflation will melt by 2023, why David Rosenberg says farmland is the asset to buy - Kitco News, May 23 2022 4:30PM
'I am basically exiting the junior resource space. I am very bearish.' - Mickey Fulp - Kitco News, May 23 2022 1:43PM
Gold prices holding above $1,850 as U.S. new home sales fall 16% in April - Kitco News, May 24 2022 10:19AM
Uranium’s price is 'too low' at $75; here’s where the price needs to go to incentivize mining – Amir Adnani - Kitco News, May 23 2022 7:40PM
A recession is ‘positive’ for equities; Biden’s Infrastructure Bill will benefit these assets – Nomi Prins - Kitco News, May 23 2022 7:35PM
Hedge funds continue to sell gold but sentiment is shifting - Kitco News, May 23 2022 5:03PM
Rocky markets giving macro funds a boost - Reuters, May 24 2022 4:29PM
In Fed's inflation fight, Bostic wants to avoid 'recklessness' - Reuters, May 24 2022 3:55PM
Nornickel expects mild deficit of palladium, surplus of platinum and nickel in 2022 - report - Kitco News, May 24 2022 3:25PM
European shares fall as business growth data deepens slowdown worries - Reuters, May 24 2022 3:08PM
Fed funds rate above 1.75% 'too restrictive' as financial conditions deteriorate -Guggenheim's Minerd - Reuters, May 24 2022 2:49PM
Global energy and funding shocks test climate commitments - Reuters, May 24 2022 2:39PM
OECD chief sees global digital tax deal pushed back to 2024 - Reuters, May 24 2022 2:12PM
Nexa resumes production at its Atacocha zinc mine in Peru - Kitco News, May 24 2022 1:28PM
Stocks slump on growth concerns, bond yields slip - Reuters, May 24 2022 1:19PM
Gold prices holding steady following mixed U.S. flash PMI data - Kitco News, May 24 2022 9:55AM
Gold and silver should fail from here - Kitco Commentary, May 24 2022 9:37AM
Artemis awards mining fleet supply contract to Finning for Blackwater gold project, eyes fleet decarbonization - Kitco News, May 24 2022 12:29PM
As Fed amps up inflation fight, one policymaker urges caution - Reuters, May 24 2022 12:42PM
Global macro funds shine in hedge fund industry, proving popular with investors - Reuters, May 24 2022 12:26PM
More price upside for gold, silver as USDX, U.S. bond yields decline - Kitco News, May 24 2022 8:16AM
U.S. new home sales hit two-year low; prices surge - Reuters, May 24 2022 11:52AM
Dollar slides to one-month low as Lagarde comments boost euro - Reuters, May 24 2022 11:37AM
Wall St plunges as Snap's bleak forecast sparks selloff - Reuters, May 24 2022 10:47AM
U.S. bank profits dip as loan loss provisions jump in response to global uncertainty - FDIC - Reuters, May 24 2022 10:35AM
Global digital tax deal might not be ready until early 2024, France's finance minister says - Reuters, May 24 2022 10:18AM
U.S. business activity slows in May, survey shows - Reuters, May 24 2022 9:55AM
'When people can see the end, gold typically starts ripping' - Sandstorm Gold CEO Nolan Watson - Kitco News, May 23 2022 1:53PM
The senior gold miners are 'printing money' - Soar Financial CEO Kai Hoffmann - Kitco News, May 23 2022 1:51PM
'In our neighborhood mines are getting permitted' - Western Copper and Gold's Paul West-Sells - Kitco News, May 23 2022 1:40PM
Cryptoverse: Is the end of the bitcoin winter nigh? - Reuters, May 24 2022 9:06AM
Crypto markets may pose risks to wider financial stability, ECB warns - Reuters, May 24 2022 9:05AM
JPMorgan warns 10% of junk-rated emerging markets facing debt crises this year - Reuters, May 24 2022 8:49AM
Wall Street sees gray skies ahead for equities as Fed tightens policy - Reuters, May 24 2022 7:56AM
Central African Republic to launch bitcoin investment platform - Reuters, May 24 2022 7:55AM
Futures fall after Snapchat owner's profit warning - Reuters, May 24 2022 7:54AM
Cybersecurity firm Semperis raises over $200 million in KKR-led round - Reuters, May 24 2022 7:52AM
Markets at risk of ‘waterfall event’, this is how gold would perform - Lobo Tiggre - Kitco News, May 20 2022 8:01PM
Real estate 'slowdown' starts in 2023; The Fed caused "housing inflation" - Danielle DiMartino Booth - Kitco News, May 20 2022 10:24AM
Gold, silver up as U.S. dollar index sharply down - Kitco News, May 23 2022 1:08PM
Biden's Asian economic talks include 13 countries, and no China - Reuters, May 23 2022 9:25AM
METALS-Falling inventories and weaker dollar lift copper - Reuters, May 23 2022 6:20AM
Extreme dollar weakness today overcomes selling pressure in gold - Kitco Commentary, May 23 2022 7:48PM
Legendary lithium riches from Bolivia's salt flats may still just be a mirage - Reuters, May 23 2022 7:00AM
Euro soars after Lagarde points to rate hikes, dollar extends slide - Reuters, May 23 2022 9:06AM
The 'forgotten' element in the battery metal space - TinOne Resources' Chris Donaldson - Kitco News, May 19 2022 4:10PM
Gold climbs over 1% on dollar sell-off - Reuters, May 23 2022 6:27AM
Chile aims to outline state lithium firm model this year, minister says - Reuters, May 22 2022 9:36AM
Peru's Castillo shuffles Cabinet again; replaces mining minister - Reuters, May 22 2022 9:14PM
India's top mining body calls iron ore export duty hike 'self-defeating' - Reuters, May 23 2022 2:18AM
Economic outlook has 'darkened', business and government leaders warn in Davos - Reuters, May 23 2022 1:27PM
World economy has 'buffer' against recession, says IMF's Gopinath - Reuters, May 23 2022 1:23PM
Legendary lithium riches from Bolivia's salt flats may still just be a mirage - Reuters, May 23 2022 12:54PM
Gold, silver see good price gains as USDX erosion continues - Kitco News, May 23 2022 8:36AM
UK-based Exurban plans $340 million e-waste recycling plant in the United States - Reuters, May 23 2022 9:57AM
Oil firms on tight supply as U.S. driving season looms - Reuters, May 23 2022 9:44AM
Biden, on inaugural Asia visit, says he would be willing to use force to defend Taiwan - Reuters, May 23 2022 9:35AM
The S&P 500 is just getting started; further declines in equity markets will continue to support gold prices - analysts - Kitco News, May 19 2022 12:39PM
The Metals, Money, and Markets Weekly: Treading into bear (market) territory - Kitco Commentary, May 20 2022 4:56PM
Market crash to last until 2024; Gold to hit $900 before a rebound - Harry Dent - Kitco News, May 18 2022 9:06PM
Gold's 'luster' against equities, inflation, is weak; will it pick up in 2023? - Gary Wagner - Kitco News, May 20 2022 4:18PM
Price pauses for gold, silver, as fresh inputs awaited - Kitco News, May 20 2022 8:42AM
Stocks turn south on Fed-induced slowdown fears, dollar gains - Reuters, May 20 2022 3:57PM
South African platinum producer Tharisa expects up to 54% increase in 6M basic earnings - Kitco News, May 20 2022 3:22PM
How to forecast prices in a supercycle - Kitco Commentary, May 20 2022 2:21PM
Wall St Week Ahead As bear market looms, battered Wall St seeks elusive 'Fed put' - Reuters, May 20 2022 2:09PM
Commodities can thrive in a bear market - Andrew O'Donnell - Kitco News, May 18 2022 4:30PM
Atico receives enviro approval for its La Plata gold and copper project in Ecuador - Kitco News, May 20 2022 2:05PM
Dollar gains, stocks turn south on Fed-induced slowdown fears - Reuters, May 20 2022 1:27PM
Chilean lithium giant SQM boosts net income 1,071% in first quarter, increases capacity - Kitco News, May 20 2022 1:08PM
S&P 500 down 20% from record intraday high of Jan 4 - Reuters, May 20 2022 12:23PM
Pandemic and explosions worsen Equatorial Guinea prospects, IMF says - Reuters, May 20 2022 11:47AM
ECB can safely raise rates out of negative territory, Visco says - Reuters, May 20 2022 10:28AM
Year-end view for Fed policy rate rises again as recession risks remain - Reuters, May 20 2022 9:58AM
Where is gold headed next week? Vote now! - Kitco News, May 18 2022 4:33PM
If Fed has to choose, markets could get much uglier - Reuters, May 20 2022 9:07AM
Bitcoin rises 5.3% to $30,205 - Reuters, May 20 2022 9:05AM
U.S. bond funds see outflows for 19th straight week - Reuters, May 20 2022 8:31AM
Oil steady on the week as oil supply risks meet economic headwinds - Reuters, May 20 2022 8:10AM
Futures rise after two-day sell-off on Wall Street - Reuters, May 20 2022 8:00AM
Dollar loses steam after weeks-long rally - Reuters, May 20 2022 7:42AM
European shares rebound, China rate move helps sentiment - Reuters, May 20 2022 7:41AM
Gold prices holding at session highs as U.S. existing home sales fall 2.4% in April - Kitco News, May 19 2022 10:10AM
Gold, silver see solid gains as USDX slumps - Kitco News, May 19 2022 12:35PM
Metals pop as dollar drops - Kitco Commentary, May 19 2022 11:03AM
Wall St bounces off lows late as growth fears persist, safe-havens gain - Reuters, May 19 2022 4:42PM
Gold and silver reach resistance - Kitco Commentary, May 19 2022 11:16AM
Gold, silver look cheap as Fed rate hikes create threat of a recession - Degussa - Kitco News, May 18 2022 2:51PM
Copper bounces on hopes of China lifting COVID controls - Reuters, May 19 2022 6:08AM
Turquoise Hill to receive debt funding from Rio Tinto as it evaluates $2.7 bln offer - Reuters, May 18 2022 7:49PM
U.S. banks' 2021 hiring show lenders are seeking talent far beyond Wall Street - Reuters, May 19 2022 4:24PM
Unions representing miner Samarco employees present competing restructuring plan - source - Reuters, May 19 2022 6:00AM
Global cobalt demand set to grow rapidly as EV transition gains pace - report - Kitco News, May 19 2022 3:33PM
In Chile's Atacama, lithium mining stirs fight over flamingos - Reuters, May 19 2022 6:00AM

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